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Handmade Slides: Scribble Custom Textures

Geetesh Bajaj
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Suggested Price: $10 -- This means you can pay $10 to download and use these Scribble Custom Textures. Alternatively, please pay whatever you wish -- and less than $10 is fine too (minimum price is set as $5). We can make these products available to you at a low cost because of your kind support -- thank you!

These scribble custom textures may appear like normal diagonal lines, but they are more than just diagonal or even lines. Look closer and you'll see that all lines are not straight like drawn with a ruler -- rather they are organic and textured -- almost like you scribbling lines with a pencil!

Download these scribbled lines and use them as texture fills for your shape or text to end up with awesome results.

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Handmade Slides: Scribble Custom Textures

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