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World Maps in Circles: 01

Geetesh Bajaj
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This collection of world maps is all circled! Each continent is a collection of circles that overlap each other, or stay adjacent. Circle-style maps make your slides look different and simpler.

What Do You Get?

- 6 styles of Fills: Solid Circles, Outlines, Gradients with Outlines (2 Styles), and Gradients without Outlines (2 Styles)

- In both Standard and Widescreen aspect ratios

- Colors used are Theme aware

- Each land area is a separate group – easily accessed via the Selection Pane

This entire set is easy to use. If you know how to drag and drop slides, you know how to use these maps. Paste these slides in another presentation, and they take the Theme colors of the destination presentation.

Each area within the map is a separate, named group. You can hide groups you do not want to show, and also ungroup any group. Thereafter you can animate these too as required. Of course you can still use these maps without animation, but we did make it easy for you to add animation with named groups.

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World Maps in Circles: 01

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