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Handmade Slides: Sticky Tape Graphics 02

Geetesh Bajaj
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Suggested Price: $9.99 -- This means you can pay $9.99 to download and use these Sticky Tape graphics (with polka dot patterns). Alternatively, please pay whatever you wish -- and less than $9.99 is fine too (minimum price is set as $4.99). We can make these products available to you at a low cost because of your kind support -- thank you!

About Handmade Slides: Sticky Tape Graphics 02

These sticky tape graphics are already placed in PowerPoint slides – just copy them and paste within your slides to create a look that makes a picture, shape, or anything else appear as if it has been stuck on a surface, board, or wall with tape!

All colors have various transparency variations. All these sticky tape segments can be rotated and resized, as required. Since they are essentially pictures, all types of edits that you can do with pictures work with them too!

What This Download Contains?

The ZIP file that you will download contains:

- 12 variants of each Sticky Tape color with polka dots -- with 10 colors, you end up with 120 new and unique Sticky Tape graphics that you can use straightaway in your slides!

- Includes SlideProof for Indezine Library software that lets you drag and drop these Sticky Tape Graphics on your slide! This option is only available for recent Windows versions of PowerPoint. Mac users can use copy and paste to get these Sticky Tape Graphics on their slides!

So go ahead and download this product! Don't you want your slides to have some sticky tapes :)?

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Handmade Slides: Sticky Tape Graphics 02

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