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Infographics: Fortune Teller Origami, Matrix Diagram

You’ve all seen matrix diagrams – and these make it possible for you to explain related and dependent concepts. However, we decided to look at the matrix layout from another perspective and found something similar in a fortune teller origami!

Look closer, and you will see that this origami creation also has four similarly sized, and equally important segments – just like a common matrix! So does that give you an idea to use the fortune teller origami as a matrix? Yes, it does – but how do you implement this within a PowerPoint slide? Well, we already did the hard work for you – all you need to do is download the sample slides and copy them to your presentation!

So go ahead, and have fun adding a matrix diagram in your slide that's a wee bit different!

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Infographics: Fortune Teller Origami, Matrix Diagram

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