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Handmade Slides: Full Slide Textures

Geetesh Bajaj
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Price: $20 -- This means you pay $20 to download and use these Full Slide Texture graphics. We can make these products available to you at a low cost because of your kind support -- thank you!

These 10 full screen textured pictures cover the entire slide area and are not meant to be seamless, tiling, or repeating. These organic pictures have been made available in both 4:3 (standard) and 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratios -- so you end up getting 20 texture graphics.

Just add them to individual slides as required, or even better -- add them to the Slide Master.

Typically, any picture you add has no transparency in PowerPoint but that omission is easily rectified by adding the picture as a fill for a large rectangle that covers the entire slide.

Download and use these textures to make your slides look artistic and handmade.

Tip: Learn one way in which you can use these textures in our Handmade Slides: Transparent Texture Backgrounds in PowerPoint 2010 tutorial at: http://www.indezine.com/products/powerpoint/handmade-slides/transparent-texture-back-ppt2010.html -- although the techniques explained use PowerPoint 2010, the same process will work on all versions of PowerPoint.

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Handmade Slides: Full Slide Textures

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