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Concept Slides: Segment Polygons

Geetesh Bajaj
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These Segment Polygon series comprise segmented graphics -- thus the Segmented Triangle has 3 segments, the Segmented Square has 4 segments, and so on. each polygon shape includes equallly sized, segments that you can use to effectively illustrate “number of segments-in-one” or “one-for-number of segments” relationships. Each individual segment is a separate shape that can be filled in with a picture, a gradient, a solid fill, or any of the other PowerPoint fill types.

The sample presentations that you will download comprise two variations each contained within two separate slides -- one with segments apart and another with segments together. Copy these slides to your PowerPoint presentation and alter the fills and effects of individual segments using PowerPoint’s fills, lines, and effects. You can also apply animation to the triangle or the individual segments -- all segments are editable.
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Concept Slides: Segment Polygons

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